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Windows Drivers History (Ver. 3.xx)

Date Version Information
June 27,2017 3.300
  1. CT-D151 and CT-E651 driver is added.
Apr. 17, 2017 3.300
  1. CT-D150 and CT-E351 driver is added.
Apr. 20, 2015 3.101 Released
Windows Drivers History (Ver. 2.xx/1.6xxx)
Date Version Information
July 27, 2013 V2.28/1.690
  1. Installation failure on non-English Windows is fixed.
  2. Problem to get printer status with LAN/WLAN is fixed.
  3. Problem of PMU2xxxIII presenter status is fixed.
  4. "X" mark is removed from the icon for software un-installation list.
March 1, 2013 V2.27/1.680
  1. Windows8 is supported.
  2. The problem of cutting in the middle of watermark is fixed.
  3. The problem of reprint and coupon print from client PC to shared printer is fixed.
  4. Status monitor is updated to
  5.    Windows8 is supported.
       Log file function is improved.
       Setting to accept/reject Offline status is added.
       Setting to enable/disable notification of printing completion is added.
       Status inquiry command sequence for each interface except parallel is changed.
       Unit of status monitor setting is changed from driver base to model base.
  6. Driver port setting tool is updated.
  7. Version dialog function is added.
Apr. 13, 2011 V2.25/1.660
  1. CT-S310II driver is added.
  2. 2 dimensional barcode fonts are added.
  3. "Label/BM" function is changed to "Paper Media" function.
  4. "Cutter Mode" is refined to support Label/BM paper cutter mode.
  5. "Paper Feed" function is newly added for the adjustment of paper feeding before the cut.
  6. File sender garbage character problem is fixed.
  7. Changes to show/hide buttons and tabs are added.
  8. Status monitor is updated to Ver. for monitor changes.
  9. POS Printer Utility is updated to 2.0 and is excluded from driver installer.
  10. Documents for Ver. 1.660 is integrated.
Nov. 25, 2010 V2.24
  1. Ethernet is added for supported interface.
  2. Explanation about printer status is added.
  3. Source code sample for VC++ programming is modified.
  4. POS Printer Utility is updated to Ver.1.8.3.
  5. Status Monitor Library is updated to Ver.1.3.1.
  6. Driver names for black mark models are changed.
  7. "Label Paper" in Printer Functions is changed to "Label/BM".
  8. Default of NV Logo Process is changed from FS q to GS ( L
    (CT-S601/651/801/851/2000/4000, PPU-700).
  9. At the timing of power-on or resetting status monitor/spooler, the bidirectional communication is forced to work.
Jul. 29, 2010 V2.23
  1. Version number is changed to same version as driver itself.
  2. Status monitor is updated to Ver2.2.4.0. Online/Offline can be detected correctly.
  3. Language monitor is changed to avoid the error caused by USB communication on Windows7.
  4. (32-bit)/(64-bit) are added to FileDescription of DLLs.
  5. Windows7 device icon for CT-S60,651,801 and 851 are added.
  6. Driver files for manual installation is not longer available from WEB page.
May 20, 2010 V2.02
  1. CT-S651 and CT-S851 are added.
Dec. 15, 2009 V2.02
  1. Added CT-S281 and CT-S4000
  2. Windows7 is supported.
  3. Status function is supported on all the drivers.
  4. Driver port setting function is added.
  5. Status monitor library is added.
Oct. 29, 2009 V2.01
  1. Added CT-S601
Jul. 31, 2009 V2.00
  1. Newly released.
Windows driver 1.6xxx/1.5xxx
Date Version Information
Jan. 6, 2011 1.640
  1. Ethernet is added for supported interface.
  2. Restriction for multiple drivers on the same PS is removed.
  3. Driver for BD2-4280/4281 are added.
  4. Driver name of PMU2320 is changed to PMU2xxx.
  5. Driver for PMU2xxxIII Presenter is added.
  6. POS Printer Utility is updated to Ver.1.8.3.
  7. Status Monitor Library is updated to Ver.1.3.1.
Jun. 21, 2010 1.630
  1. Problem caused by printing from multiple processes is fixed.
  2. With the combination of logo printing at printing job end + douible high printer font for last print data, paper feeding length is changed, according to logo data presence in the NV memory of the printer. This problem is fixed.
  3. (32-bit)/(64-bit) are added to FileDescription of DLLs.
  4. Status monitor is updated to Ver. Online/Offline can be detected correctly.
  5. USB data transfer time our value of status monitor is changed to 8 seconds to avoid the comunication error caused by i-directional communication via USB on Windows 7.
  6. Paper at presenter exit can be detected as PRINTER_STATUS_OUTPUT_BIN_FULL on PPU-700.
Dec. 15, 2009 1.600
(Driver is no change)
  1. CT-P29x series are added.
  2. The problem to print through Remote Desktop is solved.
  3. The problem of order to print NV logo in multiple pages on Windows7 is fixed.
  4. Icons for "Printer functions" in driver property are changed.
  5. Upside down printing function is deleted.
  6. Label/Black mark driver is integrated into standard driver.
Jul. 1, 2009 1.583
(Driver is no change)
1) Installer version is updated (from to
  • Solution for KB926255 [MS06-075] is added.
  • The problem of showing garbage in uninstalling parallel printer driveron Vista is fixed.
  • On the clean PC, uninstallation right after pre-installation of USB/Parallel causes the trouble to uninstall the driver. The problem is fixed.
Apr. 21, 2009 1.583 1) CT-S281L driver is added.
2) Custom paper definition in GPD file is changed as follows.
Deleted left margin (*MinLeftMargin): All models
Changed max defined size (*MaxSize)
  • CT-S4000: from (640,32767) to (896,26182)
  • Others: from (???,32767) to (???,26182)
  • CT-S500 series: No change
Changed minimum defined size (*MinSize):
  • Label type (203,203)
  • Non label type (20,20)
  • PPU700 (203,719)
  • CD-S500series and CT-S4000 compressed: No change
3) Solution for white gap in horizontal direction is added to CT-S281standard driver.
4) The problem of disappeared button for POS Printer Utility by changing driver name is fixed.
Date Version Information
Dec 25, 2008 1.582a The problem of white gap in horizontal direction causes garbage printing with old version CT-S310 firmware. So the function was removed from CT-S310 driver.
Jul 2, 2008 1.582 1) Installing/Uninstalling driver becomes easier by the driver installer.
2) POS Printer Utility can be called from [Tool] property of driver.
3) File transfer function is added to [Tool] property of driver.
4) Strange print position problem of printer font with UpsideDown function is fixed.
5) Missing last vertical dot-line problem in high quality graphic printing is fixed.
6) Actual printing area for CD-S500series is expanded.
7) The problem of white gap in horizontal direction printing is fiexed.
(This solution requires firmware upgrade as well.Applicable model is CT-S2000, CT-S4000, CT-S310 and succeeding models.)
8) The command for cut for CT-S300 & 310 is changed from GS V to ESC i, ESC m.
9) Font Bxx size of CT-S2000/4000/S28x, BD2-2xxx, PMU-2xxx and CBM1000II is corrected.
10) CT-S281 driver is added.The problem of not printed last line data on label driver is fixed.
11) The problem of not printed last line data on label driver is fixed.
Date Version Information
Feb 15, 2008 1.581 Updated point for Windows driver itself
1) 64 bit drivers are added.
2) Installer version is available.
3) CT-S2000Label is added.
4) CT-S4000 Compress driver is added.
5) Partial cut is added to Cut method of PMU-2xxx
6) NV logo transaction by ESC ( L can be chosen for CT-S2000/4000/PPU700)
7) Graphic print method of CT-S280 is changed.
8) The problem of printing some Unicode characters is fixed.
9) The width information of FontA88 is corrected.
10) The width information of 6.25cpi and 48point is corrected.
11) The problem of wrong position logo by multiple page printing is fixed.
12) Problem of wrongly printed printer font at the end of page is fixed.
13) The problem of paper length by multiple page of upside down printing is fixed.

Other updates
1) CT-S2000/4000/310 V-COM driver adapts to Vista, 64bit, Core2Duo CPU
2) CT-S280/BD2-222x/PMU2xxx V-COM drive adapts to 64 bit.
May 25, 2007 1.57aE CT-S310 driver is added in ver. 1.57aE.
April 4, 2007 1.57E Another problem of feed length after barcode printing is fixed.
CT-S4000 Label driver is added.
BD2-2220/2221 is added.
"Printer Features" function is added to print in fixed length.
Drivers are adapted to Windows Vista
Euro mark problem is solved..
July 30, 2006 1.56 Standard & LM version Automatic line feed is added to the end of CT-S280 printing.
The problem of feed length after barcode printing is fixed.
The problem of divided TrueType font is fixed.
The print speed down by above change is improved.
Graphic print method of CT-S300 is changed.
CT-S4000 driver is added.
Feb. 14, 2006 1.53STD-E & 1.53LM-E Printing garbage problem with parallel I/F is fixed.
High resolution CD-S500 graphic printing problem is fixed.
CD-S500 longer than full column printing problem is fixed.
Nov. 22, 2005 1.51STD-E & 1.51LM-E CT-S2000 driver is added.
USB driver for CT-S2000 V-COM setting is added.
Sep. 9, 2005 050909E & 050909E-LM (1.40) Standarad version and Language Monitor version are supplied seperately.
CT-S280 driver is added. FontAxx / FontBxx are added to CD-S500 series driver.
The problem with longer data than ?u?? column is corrected.
Fewer columns problem with Font 15cpi Size 80 is corrected.
The problem with mixed font lines between printer font and TrueType font is corrected.
The problem with custom size paper for CT-S300 is fixed.
Apr. 20, 2005 050420E Language Monitor function is added.
Feb. 14, 2005 050214E Bar code font name is corrected.
Minimum paper size for user define is changed.
Jan. 28, 2005 050128E Driver for CD-S501/503 is separated.
Tearing position of CD-S500 is corrected.
Red color printing by CD-S500 is supported.
Centering barcode is supported.
Printer font names like FontA11 are added.
Jan. 12, 2005 1.00E Released
Ver 3.67a / Mar1 2004
Date Version Information
Mar. 1, 2004 Ver3.67a INF files is changed for PPU-700.
Jan 15, 2004 Ver3.67 Some function is added to CT-S300 driver (Font C etc.)
Driver for PPU-700 is added. Driver for BD2-1220 is added.
Several mode adjustments are done.
USB driver for CT-S2000 V-COM setting is added.
Oct 14 , 2003 Ver3.66g P&P ID for NT/2000/XP is added in INF file.
Aug 6, 2003 Ver3.66f USB driver is added.
June 3, 2003 Ver3.66e CT-S300 driver is added.
Oct 18, 2002 Ver3.66b Problem of IDP3210/3221 graphic printing is solved.
Nov 22, 2002 Ver3.66c Hang-up problem of IDP355x ESC/POS mode NT driver is solved.
July 18, 2002 Ver3.66 Problem of CBM820 Text printing on NT driver is solved.
Driver for CBM1000II is added. (Red color printing font) Add red color printing font for CBM270.
CBM1000(II) Label driver with small line pitch is added.
CBM820 Graphic with special EPROM is added.
Barcode problem in NT driver is fixed. Driver for CMP-10 is added.
Apr. 22, 2002 Ver3.65a Text printing problem on CBM820 NT driver is corrected.
Mar 4, 2002 Ver3.65 58mm paper width is added to CBM1000 Label driver CBM231 and PPU231 graphic problem is solved.
Jan 28, 2002 Ver3.64 Compressed printing drivers for CBM1000/IDP3240 are added.
Cut problem on CBM253 (Label) for Win9x is solved.
Additional font sizes are added for CBM253 (Label).
Nov 20, 2001 Ver3.63 Custom size form can be added on NT/2000 driver Following drivers are added.
"CBM1000 Label (Cut)" "CBM270 Label (Cut)" "CBM291 Partial Cut" "CBM293 Partial Cut" "BD2-2820 Full/Partial/No Cut" Minimum length of User Define paper is changed from 6 inch to 1 inch.
July 17, 2001 Ver3.61 Problem of white gap in TrueType font is solved.
Graphic printing method for CBM1000/IDP3240 is changed to raster graphic printing.
Following drivers are added.
"IDP342x/355x/3545/3546 ESC/POS mode" "CBM231 Partial cut" "BD2-2860" "CBM253 (Label) cut" Graphic function is removed from CBM820 driver.
May 1, 2001 Ver3.50 Problem with NT/2000 barcode printing is fixed.
Mar 14, 2001 Ver3.49 Problem with "7.5 cpi [Ext.]" size 12 font is corrected.
Feb 28, 2001 Ver3.48 Long receipt problem on NT is corrected.
Command pass through function is added.
Nov. 7, 2000 Ver3.47 Driver for CBM262 is corrected.
Oct. 10, 2000 Ver3.46 Released