Auto Cutter

Lineup of Auto Cutters





Model Number ACS-220 ACS-230 ACS-520 ACS-530
Cutting Method Slide Shearing Method Slide Shearing Method
Combination Full or Partial Cut
Paper Width 45 to 69mm 50 to 80mm 45 to 65mm 50 to 83mm
Paper Thickness 0.06 to 0.15mm
Maximum Cuts/1 minute 20 cuts/minute
Voltage 24V±10% (ACS-224 only: 5V±10% drive) 24V±10%
Operating Temperature 0 to 45℃ 0 to 55℃
External Dimensions 80(W) × 55.7(D) × 15(H) mm 102(W) × 55.7(D) × 15(H) mm 80(W) × 40.7(D) × 15(H) mm 102(W) × 40.7(D) × 15(H) mm
Mass 140g 180g Approx. 130g Approx. 150g
Reliability 1 million cuts (paper thickness of 65μm) 1 million cuts
Compatible Models LT-286+(ACS-224), LT1220/2220(ACS-225) LT1320/2320(ACS-235) LT-2221 LT-2321





Product Number JM98901 JM98916 JN98901 JN98911
Cutting Method Slide Shearing Method Pizza Cutter Method Rotary Method
Paper Width 25.4 to 118mm 25.4 to 118mm
Paper Thickness 0.06 to 0.254mm 0.25mm 0.28mm
Maximum Cuts/1 minute 40 cuts/minute
Voltage 24V±10%
Operating Temperature 5 to 40℃
External Dimensions 146(W) × 75(D) × 40(H) mm 180(W) × 85(D) × 58(H) mm 180(W) × 85(D) × 41(H) mm
Mass 500g 480g 800g
Reliability 300,000 cuts or more 300,000 cuts or more
(paper thickness of 60 to 150μm)
100,000 cuts or more
(paper thickness of 150 to 250μm)
1 million cuts or more (paper thickness of 280μm)
Compatible Models CL-S521/531/621/631
CL-E720/730 CL-S700/703