Print from a Smartphone or Tablet!

Print from your smartphone or tablet!
Choose your new wireless printer to suit your application

With Citizen Systems, your selection of wireless printers includes both mobile and stationary models with a variety of unique features. * “Wireless printer” is our general term for printers that use wireless LAN or Bluetooth communication.

In addition, there are free downloads of useful software applications, as well as software samples that you can reference while developing your own applications, that were developed using the software development kits (SDKs) available for these printers.

Lineup of Citizen Systems Wireless Printers

Features: Prints receipts and labels, too | Compatible with Bluetooth and wireless LAN | SDK provided free of charge

Smart devices and compatible products

Android devices, iOS devices
Bluetooth/Stationary Type: CT-S281、CT-S801II、CT-S601II、CT-S851II、CT-S651II Mobile Type: CMP-20II、CMP-30II

About the SDK

When printing from a smart device to a printer, you will be required to add a printing function to your OS using an SDK (software development kit). Please take a look at the SDK explanatory materials.