POS Printers: Lightning & USB Host

Connecting a single cable from an iPad allows printing and control of peripheral equipment.
Apple MFi certified Lightning printers

Lightning models
This product is not for all the regions.
Please contact us for the availability in your region.

Features of Lightning printers

Easy installation
  • Charging, printing, and peripheral control via a single cable
  • No need for pairing or other complicated setup
Stable operation
  • Reliable data transfer by the wired connection
  • Uses high-speed data transfer method (up to 480 Mbps)
Various peripherals
  • Up to three USB peripherals connected together
  • Three types of peripherals available including automatic change machine
    (No need for a LAN environment with routers, LAN-serial converters, etc.)

Connection diagram

Connect the printer to an iOS device (iPad, iPod, or iPhone) using a Lightning to USB Type-A cable. Data Transfer: Up to 480 Mbps, Supplied Power: Up to 2.4 A

Software Structure

Interface area

USB power-supplying connector, Power connector, Interface connector (USB standard), Drawer kick, Connector for Lightning, USB connectors

*USB power-supplying connector cannot be used on Lightning models

Printer with Lightning

Keep the cashier space clean and tidy
by connecting USB peripherals to the printer!

Introducing POS printers with USB Host function
and POS peripheral devices

Overview of POS printers with USB Host function

Composition of a tablet POS system using a printer
Comparison of conventional connection environment and USB host model

Software Structure

Android/iOS Environment

Windows Environment

Web/Cloud Environment

Customer Displays

Product image Product image
Model Number DSP01-LTJW/B DSP02-LSJW/B
Display Format TFT LCD STN LCD
Resolution 480×140 dots 320×32 dots
Characters Displayed 20 columns × 2 lines (alphanumeric)
10 columns × 2 lines (kanji)
20 columns × 2 lines
Dot Composition of Character 24 × 48 dots (alphanumeric)
48 × 48 dots (kanji)
16×16 dots
Dot Size 0.066×0.198mm 0.375×0.625mm
Brightness 250cd/m2 200cd/m2
Character Types Alphanumeric, kanji, hiragana, katakana, Chinese (simplified, traditional), Korean Alphanumeric, kanji, hiragana, katakana, Chinese (simplified, traditional), Korean
Character Size 4.8×9.5mm 6×10mm
Display Area 97×30mm 120×20mm
External Dimensions 132(W) × 91(D) × 87.3(H) mm 147(W) × 89.9(D) × 67.5(H) mm
Mass 450g 380g


Product image Product image
Model Number SCN01-Z1DB SCN02-Z2DB
Scanning Light Source Red LED (617nm) Fluorescent LED (6500K)
Scanning System Linear CCD Array CMOS(640×480 pixel)
Scan Speed 330 scans/sec. -
Scanning Depth (@UPC/EAN00%, PCS=90%) 0-300mm 30-200mm
Scannable Codes One Dimensional One Dimensional/Two Dimensional
External Dimensions 64(W) × 152(D) × 104(H) mm 66(W) × 82(D) × 163(H) mm
Mass 84g 143g

Printer Models

Models with a selectable option of “Wired LAN + USB Host” or “Bluetooth + USB Host”

“Wired LAN + USB Host” Models