XML/Web App Printing Solutions

Feature #1 You can print receipts by sending XML data directory to the printer without installing the device driver.
Feature #2 Developing an application that generates and sends XML data by using the Javascript library we have prepared is easy.
Feature #3 We have prepared a Javascript code / XML data generation editor that runs on an HTML5 browser.
Feature #4 The Printer has a dual interface of wireless LAN + wired LAN (Wireless LAN is compatible with 802.11a in the 5GHz spectrum (5GHz or 2.4GHz))

Compatible Models

The compatible model numbers are CITIZEN XML/Web app dedicated models (W models).
* The standard models of CT-S751 and CT-S4500 are compatible.

List of Compatible Models and Model Number Commentary

Model Name Paper Width I/F and Region Body Color
CT-S751 80mm WX5J
(Wireless LAN + Wired LAN / Japan)
WH (White)/BK (Black)
CT-S4500 112mm WH (White)/BK (Black)
CT-D151 80mm WH (White)/BK (Black)
CT-S801Ⅱ WH (White)
CT-S601Ⅱ WH (White)/BK (Black)
CL-S400DT 19.5〜118mm WH (White)
CL-E720/730 BK (Black)