Disinfectant Ready Printer Products

『Safe and secure ways for printers to be cleaned and disinfected』


In healthcare retail, restaurant, and hospitality cleanliness and sanitation is a very critical dynamic to providing best-in-class customer service and safety.
Disinfecting products and solutions are readily available and can be used to promote a cleaner environment for your customers and employees whom make contact with products.
The CITIZEN line of disinfectant ready printers support various readily available cleaning agents.
Follow these instructions for best practices and results.

Used in the following industries

-General Retail

Chemical Resistant List

Ethanol 70%
IPA (Isopropyl alcohol) 70%
Oxydol 3%
Sodium Hypochlorite Solution 0.05%

*Lists chemical concentrations used during testing.

Care instructions and notes

-Turn off the printer when preparing to clean.
-Prolonged use of cleaning agents may cause whitening of the outer case.
-When cleaning with an approved chemicals (Listed on page 4), test it beforehand and always refer the manufacturer's recommended procedure.
-When interacting and using chemicals, take proactive measure to protect yourself and others standing nearby.
 Examples would include:
 Wearing gloves, eye protection and protective mouth/nose coverage.
-Do not clean with Ethanol where fire is present, as Ethanol is extremely flammable.
-Utilize a soft cloth when spreading chemicals onto printer. No NOT spray or pour directly onto printer.
-Wipe off the disinfectant with a soft damp cloth after cleaning procedure. No water droplets should remain on the printer.
-Do not soak or wipe the inside of the printer nor allow disinfectant gets inside. It may cause a product failure.