Why CITIZEN printers are great for you!

Thermal Printers CT-S800Ⅱ/600Ⅱ Series
Great Advantages

Advantage 1Easy operation

The CT-S801Ⅱ and CT-S851Ⅱ feature an LCD display and 4 keys to easily handle even complex settings changes. On the CT-S601Ⅱ and CT-S651Ⅱ, there are three color LEDs to support ease of operation while ensuring cost performance.

[LCD Display Model] The LCD display makes it easy to stay aware of the printer's status and ensures ease of operation.
[3Colored LEDs Model] Three LEDs show the printer’s status and error types.

Advantage 2Compact

Small-footprint allows versatile installation.
Choose from two paper output directions: top output or front output.


Advantage 3Wide range of Interfaces

In addition to standard interfaces such as USB (2.0), Serial (RS232C) and Parallel (IEEE1284), the following wired and wireless interfaces are available as well.

* All interfaces below are factory options. Specify one when ordering your printer.

Advantage 4Equipped with paper-saving function and built-in Multi-language characters

1.ECO Printing, 2.Watermark Printing, 3.16-Shade Grayscale, 4.Kanji JIS Levels 3 and 4

* The sample (at right) is printed in line space compression mode and with the smallest pitch. It is not set for height and width reduction printing.

Advantage 5Easy Integration

A full range of various drivers and SDKs and an abundance of utilities are provided

OS supported by Drivers

Packed with the latest functions including coupons,
watermark printing, and electronic journal
Linux, Mac OSX

SDK for smart devices (Android, iOS)

Layout SDK (for Windows) * Easy and flexible creation of receipt layouts

Logo Registration
Message Customization

Advantage 6Easy Maintenance

Print head and cutter maintenance are easy

Easy-maintenance design allows the easy exchange of an auto cutter or head, and makes it possible for the sales agents near you to service your printer.

* Photo shows CT-S801Ⅱ as an example

Drop-in paper loading makes it easy to load paper / No tools required for exchanging auto cutter or head


CT-S801Ⅱ CT-S601Ⅱ CT-S851Ⅱ CT-S651Ⅱ
Model Number CT-S801Ⅱ CT-S601Ⅱ CT-S851Ⅱ CT-S651Ⅱ


Paper Size Paper Width 58mm/80mm
Paper Output Direction Top paper output Top paper output Front paper output Top/front output
Maximum Print Speed (mm/sec.) 300mm/sec. 220mm/sec. 300mm/sec. 220mm/sec.
Interfaces USB, Serial, Parallel, Wired LAN, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth + USB
外形寸法 145(W) × 192(D) × 148(H)mm 145(W) × 192(D) × 120(H)mm