Easy Kitchen Printer

Easy Kitchen Printer
CT-S310Ⅱ / 601Ⅱ / 801Ⅱ
Outputs the content of orders.
Perfectly suited for communicating orders accurately and improving efficiency in the kitchen.

Incoming orders notified by sound and light

External Melody BuzzerCBZ-100

  • Connect the buzzer to the drawer kick and be notified that a bill has been issued with a loud buzzer and light
  • Equipped with 4 different sounds that can be set to ring out in different situations
    (buzzer sound, chime sound, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” melody, minuet melody)
  • Maximum volume of approx. 90db * measured at a distance of 1m

Watch the video to hear how it actually sounds

*Japanese only

Water protection (IPX3) for ease of mind

Easy Kitchen KIT [for CT-S310II]KIT-TZKP002

  • Printer can be switched ON/OFF without removing the case
  • Wiring ports on back and bottom side
  • Drip-proof performance equivalent to IPX3
  • Height of 217mm when attached
  • Includes a dedicated L-shaped power cord (2m)
  • Exclusively for CT-S310Ⅱ


Thermal PrinterCT-S310Ⅱ

Economical model designed for cost performance

  • Built in power supply
  • Supports vertical installation
  • USB + Wired LAN ready

Thermal PrintersCT-601Ⅱ/801Ⅱ

Standard model prioritizing ease of use

  • Built in power supply
  • Settings can be changed using the LCD display (CT-S801Ⅱ only)
  • Special vertical installation kit available (Model Number: KIT-TZ001)