Receipt PrinterCT-S851Ⅱ

Featuring an LCD screen for easy setting changes and capable of high-speed printing at 300mm/sec. A front paper output model equipped with new functions.

Paper Width
Print Method
Direct Thermal Printing
  • Auto Cutter
  • Buzzer
  • Cash Drawer Kicker
  • Drop-in Paper Loading
  • Internal Power Supply (with extended base option)
  • Receipts
  • Tickets
  • Kitchen
  • Queue Tickets
  • Barcodes
  • 2D Barcodes


  • Easy to open

    Easy maintenance of head and cutter.

  • Drip-Proof Design

    Equivalent to IEC60529 IPX1

  • One of the industry’s fastest printing speeds of up to 300mm/sec.

  • Small-footprint design: AC adapter can be equipped inside the bottom face (Internal Power Supply Type)

  • Apple MFi licenses program certified Bluetooth, and multi-OS compatible (iOS/Android/Windows).

  • Equipped with LCD monitor for easy checking of messages and setting of functions

  • Equipped with paper-saving function to conserve paper

  • Grayscale printing (16 shades) allows optimal printing of pictures and other images.

  • Extensive variety of character types

    Support for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean Hangul
    Support for Thai and Vietnamese characters
    Supports UTF-8

  • Features a substantial variety of drivers and an abundance of utilities

  • Comes with a 2-year warranty to ensure full support after purchase

Operation Panel

  • LCD Display

    Displays printer status, functions of keys, types of errors, and messages.
    The utility software can be used to change the display content, such as displaying the message “Add paper” for the Paper Error when the printer runs out of paper.

    LCD Auto SHUTOFF Function
    LCD display and backlight automatically turn off when data is received from the host, when an error is detected, or when there are no key inputs on the operation panel for a specific period of time.

    Supports Vertical Installation
    Display can be vertically flipped with the memory switch when the printer is installed vertically or on the wall.

    Maintenance Operation
    Easy maintenance of head and cutter

    LED shows information with easy-to-recognize colors

    Light OFF
    Printer’s power is OFF

    Green Light
    Printer’s power is ON

    Red Light
    Error or special mode activated

    Orange Light
    Paper near end, printer head set for high-speed, LCD is OFF

    Operation Keys

    FEED Key
    Feeds paper while pressed. Can also be pressed to clear a cutter lock error after the cause has been eliminated.

    MENU Key
    Activates memory switch setup mode when pressed for over two seconds.

    MENU Key Lock
    Function for preventing erroneous operation by making it difficult to enter memory setup mode.

Main Applications

  • POS/ECR Equipment

  • Measuring equipment/medical equipment

  • Printing from various instruments, terminals and machines

Used in the following industries

  • Financial

  • Retail

  • Food

  • Distribution

  • Restaurants

  • Healthcare/Clinical

Basic Functions

  • Auto Cutter
  • Buzzer
  • Cash Drawer Kicker
  • Drop-in Paper Loading
  • Internal Power Supply (with extended base option)
  • Thermal
Supported Interfaces
  • USB
  • Serial
  • Parallel
  • Wired LAN
  • Wireless LAN
  • USB Host + Wired LAN
  • Bluetooth + USB
Available Drivers
  • Windows
  • OPOS
  • CUPS
Supported Platform by SDKs
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Linux for ARM
Smartphone/Tablet Compatibility
  • AndroidBluetoothUSBWireless LAN
  • iOSBluetoothWireless LAN


Print Method Direct Thermal Printing
Dot Density Horizontal, Vertical 8 dots/mm (203 dpi)
Maximum Printing Speed 300mm/sec. (2,400 dots/sec.)
Printing Conditions: Print Rate 12.5%, Print Density 100%
Line Spacing 4.25mm (1/6 inch) configurable by command
Paper Paper Width: 3-inch (83mm/80mm), 2-inch (60mm/58mm)
Paper Diameter: up to 83mm
Paper Thickness: 65 to 75μm (Paper tube inner diameter 12mm/outer diameter 18mm), 75 to 85μm (Paper tube inner diameter 25.4mm/outer diameter 32mm)
Printing Width 80mm
Number of Columns Printable When paper width is 83mm:
Font A: 53 columns (12×24 dots)
Font B: 71 columns (9×24 dots)
Font C: 80 columns (8×16 dots)
Kanji Font A: 26 columns (24×24 dots)
Kanji Font C: 40 columns (16×16 dots)
Character Size Font A: 1.5×3mm
Font B: 1.13×3mm
Font C: 1×2mm
Kanji Font A: 3×3mm
Kanji Font C: 2×2mm
Character Types Alphanumeric characters, international characters, PC437/850/852/857/858/860/863/864/865/866, WPC1252, Katakana, Thai code 18, Kanji (JIS first, second, third, and fourth level), JIS X0213
User Memory 384K bytes (user-made characters and logos can be registered)
Barcodes UPC-A/E, JAN (EAN) 13 digits/8 digits, ITF, CODE39, CODE 93, CODE 128, CODABAR (NW-7), GS1 *1
2D Barcodes PDF417, QR CODE
Interfaces Serial (RS-232C compliant), Parallel (IEEE1284 compliant, Centronics compliant), USB (Full speed), Bluetooth (MFi certification acquired), USB with HUB, Wired LAN (Standard and High-Performance specs), Powered USB
Operation Panel 128 x 32 dot STN LCD display, red/white 2-color LED backlight, operation keys: 4 keys
Input Buffer 4k or 45 bytes
Power Supply Voltage AC100 to 240V
Power Consumption Approximately 45W (when printing) Standby: 3W
Drawer Kick-Out Control of up to 2 drawers
External Device Connector RJ45 connector, serial interface (fixed at 19,200 bps/8 bit/no parity) Can supply DC24V power
Usage Environment Operating Environment Temperature/Humidity: 5 to 45°C; 10 to 90% RH (no condensation) Storage Environment Temperature/Humidity: -20 to 60°C; 10 to 90% RH (no condensation)
Mass Approx. 2.1Kg
External Dimensions 145 (W) x 192 (D) x 142 (H) mm
AC Adapter Specifications Input: AC100 to 240V 50/60Hz 120VA
Output: DC24V 1.9A
Main Body Case Color White
Reliability Head Life: abrasion-resistance 150 km, 200 million pulses (room temperature, room humidity, specified recommended paper)
Auto cutter life: 2 million cuts (room temperature, room humidity, specified recommended paper)
Standards Compliance VCCI Class A, UL, FCC, CE, TUV-GS
*The acquired standards apply when Citizen Systems AC Adapter (36AD2/36AD3) is used.
Utility Software Printer Customization, POS Printer Utility
Drivers Windows, OPOS, POS for.NET, Java POS, Linux, CUPS
Accessories AC Cord: ×1
Thermal Paper Roll for Testing: 1 roll
AC Adapter: ×1 *only for AC Adapter type
CD-ROM (Driver, Manual, etc.)
Quick Start Guide
Power Switch Cover
Cable Cover (for built-in AC Adapter type)
Cable Cover (for external AC Adapter type)
Please contact us for details regarding GS1.

*Compliant with ENERGY STAR®. (Some specifications are non-compliant; inquire for details)



(Unit: mm)


For the interface, select one connection method from the available factory options: USB, Serial, Parallel, Wired LAN, Wireless LAN, or Bluetooth + USB.
Other options sold separately.

Interface area on back (when USB is selected)

Factory OptionsOne of the following connection methods can be selected

  • USB
  • Serial
  • Parallel
  • Wired LAN
  • Wireless LAN
  • USB Host + Wired LAN
  • Bluetooth + USB

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