Lineup of Peelers




Model Number JM98910 JN98909 PPN10004S
Compatible Models CL-S521/531/621/631
CL-S700/703 CL-E720/730
Backing Paper Width 25.4 to 118mm (1 to 4.65 inches)
Label Length 25.4 to 120mm (1 to 4.72 inches)
* Labels: Uncoated paper, t=0.09 (includes adhesive layer), for inner winding roll
Label Minimum Width The label should be 16 to 22mm (0.63 to 0.87 inches) from the left edge of the backing paper (when viewed from in front of the paper output)
Maximum Label Width Narrower than the backing paper
Label Thickness 0.17mm (0.0067 inch) or less
Backing Paper Thickness 0.07mm (0.0027 inch) or less
Maximum Diameter of Paper Roll 203mm (8 inches)
Inner Diameter of Paper Roll 76mm (3 inches) or more
Reliability 100km or more (for the paper specifications listed above)
Peeling Location Accuracy ±1.0mm