Printer Change Guide

Printer Change Guide
(Suggested model for replacing discontinued product)

Some replacement printer models may require changes in their settings or have a low level of compatibility.
We recommend that you ask us any questions you have, and perform a test operation on a demo machine.

Discontinued Product Replacement Model
Category Model Name Emulation Number of Columns/Paper Width (mm) Model Name
Dot Printers CBM-510 CBM1 24/40 Columns ▲CBM910II
CBM-520 CBM1 24/40 Columns ▲CBM920II
CBM-530/531/532 CBM1 24/40 Columns ▲CMP-910II
CBM-540 CBM1 17+17 Columns ×
CBM-810 ESC/POS 35/42 Columns CBM-820
CBM-910 CBM1 24/40 Columns CBM-910II
iDP-3110 Original 24/40 Columns CBM-910II
CBM-920 Original 24/40 Columns CBM-920II
iDP-560/562 CBM2 40 Columns ×
iDP-460 CBM2 (approximation) 40/42 Columns ×
ESC/POS Selection
40/42 Columns ▲CBM910II
(CBM/40 Columns Only)
ESC/POS Selection
40/42 Columns ×
ESC/POS Selection
40 Columns ×
iDP3530 CBM2 40 Columns ×
iDP3540 CBM1 40 Columns ▲CBM910II
iDP3550/3551 CBM1 40 Columns ×
CBM-710 CBM1 23/28/40 Columns ▲CBM-910II (40 Columns Only)
CBM-720/750 CBM1 23/28/40 Columns ×
CBM-730 CBM1 23/28/40 Columns ×
CBM-715/725 PC-PR 40 Columns ×
ESC/POS Selection
40/42/Other Columns ▲CBM910II
(CBM/40 Columns Only)
ESC/POS Selection
40/42/Other Columns ×
ESC/POS Selection
40/42/Other Columns ×
Thermal Printers CBM-210/220 Original 112mm ×
CBM-210W/220W ESC/P 112mm ×
CBM-272 ESC/POS 58mm ×
CBM-230 ESC/POS 80mm CT-S601II and other models with 80mm paper width
CBM-253 ESC/POS 60mm ×
CBM-262/262II ESC/POS 58mm ×
CBM-270 ESC/POS 58mm CT-S280/281
CBM-270L ESC/POS 58mm ▲CT-S281 Label Specification
CT-S300 ESC/POS 58/80mm CT-S601II and other models with 80mm paper width
CT-S310 ESC/POS 58/80mm CT-S601II and other models with 80mm paper width
CBM1000II ESC/POS 58/80mm CT-S851II/651II
CBM1000IIL ESC/POS 58/80mm ▲Each label specification for CT-S801II
iDP3240 ESC/POS 112mm CT-S4000
PMU2x00 ESC/POS 58/80mm ×
PPU-700 ESC/POS 58~80mm ×
PD-02/PD-22 ESC/P
58mm ▲CMP-20II
112mm ×
CBM-290 ESC/POS 58mm CT-P290
CBM-291 ESC/POS 58mm CT-P291
CBM-292 ESC/POS 80mm CT-P292
CBM-293 ESC/POS 80mm CT-P293
Label Printers CLP-520 DATAMAX 118mm CL-S521
CLP-620 DATAMAX 118mm CL-S621
CLP-630 DATAMAX 118mm CL-S631
CLP2000 DATAMAX 118mm CL-S621
CLP4080 DATAMAX 118mm ▲CL-S700
CLP7000 DATAMAX 118mm CL-S700
CLP7400 DATAMAX 118mm ×
CLP7200 DATAMAX 118mm CL-S700
CLP8300 DATAMAX 228.6mm ×

* ▲: Low-compatibility model, ×: Not available
* There may be no replacement model for some discontinued products, particularly if they are old. We apologize for the inconvenience.
However, if printing text only, it may be possible to print to some extent if the interface matches.
Also, a dot printer with a cutter may be replaced with a thermal printer.
If you have any questions, please ask.

* As of December 2018