Kiosk PrinterCBM-920Ⅱ

A compact dot panel printer for kiosk printing.

Paper Width
Print Method
Impact Dot Method
  • Auto Cutter
  • Buzzer
  • Cash Drawer Kicker
  • Drop-in Paper Loading
  • Internal Power Supply (with extended base option)
  • Receipts
  • Kiosk


  • Built-in Paper Near-End Sensor

    Notifies you with a lamp when the paper supply is low and cancels any printing.

  • Interface Selection

    Parallel interface (Centronix compliant) or Serial interface (RS-232C).

  • International Character Codes

    Can be configured for 9 countries (Japan, United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Denmark, and Sweden)

  • OEM Support

    In addition to supporting specifications that meet your needs, each printer can be printed with the company name you desire for shipment.

Main Applications

  • Receipts

  • Kitchen

  • Daily Account

  • Report

  • Tickets

Used in the following industries

  • Manufacturing

  • Financial

Basic Functions

  • Paper Auto Loading
Supported Interfaces
  • Serial
  • Parallel


Model Name CBM-920II-24 CBM-920II-40
Print Method Serial Impact Dot Printing
Printing Direction Unidirectional Printing
Character Composition (5+1) ×8 dots (4+0.5) ×8 dots
Maximum Printing Speed Approx. 2.5 lines/sec. Approx. 1.8 lines/sec.
Line Spacing 3.52mm
Number of Columns Printable 24 columns: 144 dots/line 40 columns: 180 dots/line
Character Size 1.62×2.4mm 1.08×2.4mm
Interfaces Parallel interface (Centronics compliant) or Serial interface (RS-232C)
Input Buffer 2K bytes
External Character Registration No
Out-of-Paper Sensor Yes
Ink Ribbon Dedicated Ribbon Cartridge Single Color (Black)
Accessories Ink Ribbon Cartridge IR-91B



(Unit: mm)


For the interface, select one connection method from the available factory options.

Interface area on underside

Factory OptionsOne of the following connection methods can be selected

  • Serial Cable
  • Parallel Cable

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