Kiosk PrinterMLT4280

Features an easy-to-use detachable platen system and label sensor.

Paper Width
Print Method
Direct Thermal Printing
  • Dedicated Control Board
  • Labels


  • Ultra-compact design

  • Zinc diecast frame for high reliability

  • Detachable platen mechanism for one-touch paper loading

  • Printing speed: up to 80mm/sec. (60mm/sec. when printing labels)

  • Can be equipped with a label/black mark sensor

Main Applications

  • POS/ECR Equipment

  • Measuring equipment/medical equipment

  • Printing from various instruments, terminals and machines

  • KIOSK Terminal Equipment

  • Various Bank Terminals (ATM, etc.)


Model Name MLT4280KS-P1 MLT4280KS-LM1
Print Method Direct Thermal Dot Printing
Printing Width (Total Dot Number) 48mm(384dots)
Dot Density 8dots/mm(203dpi)
Paper Paper Width: 58mm/ Paper Thickness: 62 to 95μm
Maximum Printing Speed 80mm/sec.
(DC8.5V within 64 dots)
* Label Printing: 60mm/sec.
(DC8.5V within 64 dots)
Paper Feed Pitch Minimum 0.125mm
Detection Functions Head Temperature Detection
Platen Presence Detection
Paper End Detection
Head Temperature Detection
Platen Presence Detection
Label Detection
Black Mark Detection
Drive System Power Supply Voltage DC4.2 to 8.5V
*Label Printing Assurance: DC6.0V to 8.5V
Logic System Power Supply Voltage DC3.0 to 5.5V
Current Consumption Head (VH) Up to approximately 3.7A (DC8.5V 64 dots)
Print Motor Constant current chopper drive
Current Setting: Approx. 0.5A/phase
Head Life Pulse Resistance: 100 million pulses or more (12.5% print rate)
Wear Resistance: 50km or more (room temperature, room humidity, specified recommended paper)
Operating Temperature/Humidity Temperature: 0 to 45℃, Humidity: 35 to 85%RH (no condensation)
*Printing Assurance Temperatures: 5 to 40℃
Storage Temperature/Humidity Temperature: -20 to 60℃, Humidity: 10 to 90% RH (no condensation)
External Dimensions 73.0 (W) × 45.0 (D) ×16.0 (H) mm (MLT4280KS-LM1/excluding motor and lever)
Mass Approx. 50g Approx. 52g



(Unit: mm)

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