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CMP-20/30 various files

File category CMP-20(II) CMP-30(II)
Windows driver
Driver Ver1.63
12.2MB (2016/12/15)
Driver Ver1.93
13.3MB (2016/12/15)

PDF Driver Guide

OPOS driver
OPOS Driver 6,993KB
Windows SDK Windows SDK
Refer to link page
Windows CE5/6 driver CE Driver 13,749KB
Windows CE5/6 SDK CE SDK 47,835KB
Windows Embeded Compact 7
Win Embedded Compact7 SDK 57,188KB (2013/10/17)
Andoroid SDK Android SDK Ver1.088 12.4MB (2018/8/21)
Please noe taht status function is expanded on this version and backward compatibility is lost on status function.
Android SDK Ver1.083 11.9MB (2017/7/13)
Please use this version or later one for type2.
Android SDK Ver1.080 11.9MB (2016/7/21)
If you use CMP-20/30 in ESC/POS emulation,
you can use Android POS Print SDK as well.
iOS SDK iOS SDK Ver1.74b 3.4MB (2018/9/19)
iOS10 is supported.
CUPS driver (Linux) CUPS Driver 549KB
Utility software
Utility software Ver1.74 316KB (2015/2/26)
Utility software Ver1.74 315KB (2015/2/26)
Label/BM sensor setting tool 2,245KB
CMP-20II/30II/40 Utility software Ver2.64 478KB
Demo app
Citizen MDemo for CMP-20/30
Demo app
Citizen CMP Print
User's manual User's manual 5.8MB
User's manual 5.8MB
User's manual 4.9MB
User's manual 5.6MB
Technical manual Technical manual 311KB
Technical manual 257KB
Command reference
(ESC/POS mode)
Command reference 1,693KB
Command reference 1,516KB
Command reference
(CPCL mode)
- CPCL command reference 1,204KB